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CORFERIAS BOGOTÁ - Centro Internacional de Negocios y Exposiciones CorferiasCorferiasCorferiasCorferias Corferias

Sala de prensa

Lunes, 01 de Octubre

America is the honor guest at Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 2012

• The United States is the main trade partner of Colombia in the hydrocarbon sector.
• Nearly thirty American companies participating in the Colombia most important oil fair.

The honor guest at the most important fair of the oil and gas sector in Colombia is the United States, with nearly 30 assets companies and oilfield services, capital providers and service operators will  take the Business and Exhibition Center - Corferias-from today until next Friday, November 2.

Margarita Villate Supelano, Executive Director of the Colombian Chamber of Goods and Oil Services –CAMPETROL- noted that United States was chosen as the honor guest because it is the main trade partner of Colombia in the oil industry: "The fair went beyond the geographical limits and attracted visitors from several different regions of the world such as South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, but the U.S. is our number one ally”.

Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 2012 will develop a technological agenda of excellence because of its thematic and the presence of important national and international exhibitors. This agenda includes important issues such as: the secondary recovery in mature fields in the country, unconventional hydrocarbons in Colombia, the country's offshore activity and leadership issues and the environment necessary to promote the industry in Colombia.

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