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About Bogota

Bogotá Distrito Capital

The capital city is located on top of eastern mountain chain of Los Andes. The city’s elevation is 2640 meters (8300 feet) above sea level. The city has a total area of 1732 km2 and a total of 6.635.960 inhabitants of which, 47.9% are men and 52.1% are women. Since Bogotá is located near the equator, there are no seasons in the city and its weather is very nice with an average temperature of 14°C(57oF).

Bogotá is the geographic center of South America. It is one hour away by plane from the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. For this reason, Bogotá is near the majority of the cities in America and therefore Bogotá is nicknamed “The Gateway of South America.”

Nowadays, Bogotá is a cosmopolitan city in constant growth. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas, not only in Colombia, but South America. The city has immigrants from many parts of the world and therefore it makes the city the “microcosmos” of Colombia.

The City has a variety of industries such as vehicle assembling, food processing, printing press, publishing companies, drink manufacturing, textile, metal goods, machinery, electronic equipment, etc. Many banks have their headquarters in Bogotá

Bogotá is known for its diversity of cultures and customs, it’s rich heritage and architecture, its collection of ancient golden art, Bogotá offers all what a modern city has to offer: A broad and diverse cultural and intellectual life, night clubs, a great variety of places to visit. The city has the biggest cultural heritage in the nation: 42 museums, 12 libraries y 36 churches with republican colonial treasures, 20 squares, 7 parkways, 132 national monuments, almost a thousand preserved properties, 21 theaters, 66 movie theaters, 20 cultural centers and about 30 malls.