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Corporate Information

Who we are

The Bogota International Center for Business and Exhibitions-Corferias is a private organization for the promotion of industrial, social, cultural and commercial development in the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean. Its principal shareholder is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of the corporate sector and of society in general.

With over 50 years of experience, Corferias seeks to widen cooperation between Colombia and the world community through the organization of fairs, exhibitions, events and conventions, generating important contacts between visitors and exhibitors in facilities operated under international standards. Equally, it promotes and organizes Colombia´s participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad, and participates as a partner in companies that have the same objective of fostering the country´s industrial and commercial development.

Its fair agenda covers the clusters of highest potential in the region, to strengthen competitiveness. As such, in the past two years Corferias has increased from 25 to 38 the number of events and in 2010 expects to organize 50 annual fairs and surpass the actual statistics: 9000 exhibitors and 1,514,000 national and international visitors.