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Our Services

The new strategic vision of the corporation has as an objective to go beyond the basic vision, in order to become a real gateway between the offer and demand and make its interaction easier.  This gives the idea of developing the capacity of generation of “Qualified Contacts”, by having an “attractive business center” supporting its integral service platform, a tool which has the following objectives: , disponer de un “Centro de Negocios Atractivo” apoyado en su plataforma integral de servicios, herramienta que tiene como objetivos los siguientes:

  • Offer integrated services I order to strengthen the qualified contacts among exhibitors, organizers, national and foreign buyers, and visitors with commercial, cultural, and social aims.
  • Construct a service providing network that supports all the activity in an integral way all of the fair and non fair activity through its own operation, suppliers, agreements and strategic alliances.

Corferias has designed services for each of its clients: exhibitors buyers general public and each of these strategies is aimed to satisfy the needs that could be found before, during, and after the event.

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