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Sala de prensa

Friday, 11 de March

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Corferias, the City and the National Government announce the development of the International Convention Center of Bogotá (CICB)

• To strengthen the capital's position as a regional center for first-class business and events, the International Convention Center of Bogotá (CICB) will be rebuilt as the trigger for the most important urban renewal project in the region, consolidating with Corferias as one of the most important Districts of Conventions, Fairs and Events in Latin America.

• Starting today, the national and international competition opens for the architectural design of the CICB, which seeks to make Bogota a world class icon.

• The Convention Center will cover an area of 24 thousand square meters and will be completed in 2014. Once completed this project will increase by 8.4% the GDP of the city and create 4,000 jobs in the first 10 years. Additionally, it will attract over 200 thousand tourists annually to Bogotá and the Region.

• The Convention Center is integrated with the Master Plan to modernize Corferias, which will become the District of Conventions, Exhibitions and Events of the capital. At the same time it will trigger the development of the ring of urban innovation, INNOBO, which will transform this part of the city and have a great economic, social and environmental impact. 

Bogotá, March 8th, 2011. The Bogota Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Corferias, the national government and the city, announced today the development of the International Convention Center of Bogotá (CICB) to strengthen the capital's position as a regional center for first-class business and events in Latin America.

"Bogotá has the potential to become one of the most dynamic and attractive cities in Latin America. The public - private partnerships are a fundamental tool to achieve this goal. That is why the Chamber, Corferias, the national government and the city formally begin an exemplary project for urban development in the country, constituting a contribution to Bogotá, the region and all its inhabitants." said Consuelo Caldas , president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

She added, "this project confirms the strategic vision of the Chamber of Commerce as an institution allied with regional prosperity, promoting projects that help improve the quality of life and business climate as well as facilitating business formation and generation of quality employment in the city and region.”

With an investment of 250 billion pesos, the International Convention Center of Bogota will cover 24 thousand square meters integrating an auditorium with capacity for 4,000 people, 15 large and medium size conference rooms, a food court with capacity for 2,000 people and 2,200 parking spaces.

The project, with estimated completion in 2014, will be financed by the Chamber, Corferias and the national government. The city will develop and implement the regulations and infrastructure required for this project to trigger the transformation of this area of the capital and the Innovation Ring INNOBO.

Studies by the National University estimate that construction of the convention center will increase the GDP of Bogotá by 8.4%, will generate 4,000 jobs in the first 10 years and will attract over 200 thousand tourists annually. This will generate new business opportunities in the hotel, tourism, and restaurant sectors and support new real estate projects. Additionally, this will develop new and larger public spaces and green areas such as the Linear Railroad Park and the Plaza del Agua and improved urban infrastructure for the city.

"The International Convention Center of Bogota is not just another building in the city; it will symbolize the beginning of an urban transformation where businesses and citizens come together. For this reason, we want it to be an icon, a symbol representing the  Bogotá of the future, a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive vision and an urban icon of the stature of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao," added the president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

A design that will convene the greatest architects of Colombia and the world

Given the impact that this project will have on the city, the CICB symbolizes a bet on Bogota, which is why an national and international competition for its design has been opened to invite architects from around the world to dream and think about how to convert this building into an icon that identifies not only the Fair District, but the Colombian capital.

The competition, which begins today, has been developed with the support of the Colombian Society of Architects and the advice of the renowned architectural firm Gensler. In May five finalists will be formally invited to develop conceptual designs and in early August the winning project will be awarded.

The architectural proposals must show design innovation and environmental sustainability for the Convention Center to meet or exceed the LEED Gold standards or other similar standards. The project must be aligned to the transformation of the area of influence with a unique visual presence.

The jury for selecting the design of the International Convention Centre in Bogota is of the highest level and is composed of recognized national and international architects including Rodolfo Machado, Carlos Jiménez, Juan Pablo Ortiz and Carlos Cubillos.  The presidents of the Chamber and Corferias are also part of this jury.

Contest details can be found at www.ccb.co/centroconvenciones

Corferias will become the Conventions, Fairs and Events District of Bogota.

The Convention Center and Corferias will become the new District of Fairs and Events, which will not only increase the attractiveness of Bogotá as a business center, but will generate a public space unmatched in the city. "The Master Plan centers on an open Corferias, a place where the facilities are mixed with public spaces to be used by the citizens as an area of recreation, culture and business", said Andres Lopez, president of Corferias.

This means that the fairgrounds will be expanded and modernized in order to have a free zone, convention center, hotel and business center, multifunctional pavilions and a shopping boulevard. Construction will run until 2020, but beginning this year citizens will see the first changes with the opening of the largest pavilion in Latin America in June, which will have 15 thousand square meters of free area.

"Corferias is currently one of the top three trade fairs in Latin America with 54 fairs and over two million visitors annually. The goal is to go further and become a business tourism district. We want to be among the top five most attractive Latin American cities for events, fairs and conventions,” added the President of Corferias.

For more information: Adriana Alba, Chamber Press Director, Phone: 5941000, Ext. 1608.

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