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Sala de prensa

Thursday, 11 de November

The most and least expensive vehicles of the Motor Show


• A Ferrari worth Col$ 1,100 million and a Ducati worth Col$ 72 million take the first place as the most expensive.

• Auteco from Colombia and Chery from China are the leaders in the least expensive category.

Bogotá, November 2010.- Even though the Chinese have made a strong entry in the motor vehicle market, as can be plainly seen at the 12th International Motor Show, Italian models continue to be the main attraction, not only because of their design, but because of their steep prices.

While the Chinese brand Chery offers the cheapest car on the fairgrounds, the QQ308 with a sales tag of Col$ 16,990.00, GP CARS brags about its first place in terms of the most expensive car: The Ferrari 599 GTB, only for buyers willing to dish out Col$ 1,100 million for the sports model.

The Europeans are also the high price leaders in the motorcycle category. The top place is taken by another Italian company, Ducati, with the Multiestrada 1200 ST, with electronic suspension and a price tag of $72 million. It arrived in Colombia two months ago and has already sold ten of these motorcycles.

Buyers in other price ranges will also find the Sport Platino, with 100cc, from the Colombian company Auteco, which with a sales price of $2,935,000 is the cheapest of the fair.

The low price segment also includes a small motorcycle designed exclusively for children between the ages of 5 and 10 by Oset. Its top speed is 25 km/h, it is electric, weighs 30 kilos, and costs $2,400,000.

For those who cannot decide between buying a car and a motorcycle, the Canadian Spider offers an adventurous option with its 1,000 cc three-wheeler, which can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.

Those who are into high technology will find in the Chevrolet Camaro a mix between the classic (it is inspired on the 1969 model) and the modern with its HUD technology, which projects speed, revolutions and other data onto the windshield. It can drive up to 480 km/hour.

Besides seeing what’s new, we recommend visiting the Classics Pavilion, where the Chrysler manufactured by General Motors in 1928 and the English 1950 Triumph motorcycle will surprise you because of their excellent conditions and elegance.

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